In a vibrational world, feeling is everything. I have been on this journey to tap into who I truly am for so many lifetimes. This is a powerful time for me. In this lifetime I have chosen to come to know myself as pure Love. To embrace love, to embody love to live from the heart and to radiate the vibration of love to the entire universe. This means at times even when you feel hurt, disappointed, misunderstood or even hated that you have practiced your capacity to still only offer love. This is indeed our truest nature yet for many of us it has been covered up by layers of misunderstanding, fear and illusion. I have chosen to surround myself with some powerful warriors who also work to hold this pure frequency. They are all angels as far as I am concerned. When I made this commitment to my path I had no idea how much I was holding onto that was not love or that was blocking love from entering my life. These are all humbling realizations. I continue to be tested. In the beginning of my spiritual path I thought the way was to try to work on changing myself from within but I was shown through years of trial and error that in fact just loving and accepting myself was what was ultimately needed. This deep feeling of self acceptance can and will transform negative patterns.

This has been incredibly difficult to do, but I’m doing it and won’t stop until I wholeheartedly love without begrudging my life.

With Peace and Many Blessings.




In alchemy this figure is found to reperesent the cyclical nature of life, the eternal cycle of renewal and the integraion of opposites., Creation is born out of destruction. Yin and Yang. More importantly the idea that opposites are NOT in conflict. One is all.  

Que Sera, Sera

My circle is getting smaller.

Making some cuts, like a slice of deli meat,

Depressed energy around certain folks, and I’m sure they feel the same.

Since we’re all interconnected and all.

“shrug” as I annoy-ling say…Oh Well, and I dunno.

I’m sure I’m making us both room to invite better suited folks into our lives and that’s okay.

The end.

With Love, many blessings and Gratitude.

Let it Flow

As the world turns

I stumble and I fall,

Over my words, my own two feet.

In and out of love- I think…

Why is this game so hard

It’s as if I am learning Greek.

Time and Time again, I fight the urge…

To give up, let go completely, but hope isn’t lost,

For as long as I love thyself,

Nothing can ever go wrong.

As the world turns, I grow restless…

When is it my turn?

Affirm This

My affirmations.The universe supports my growth and development.

I invite peace into my life.

I trust in the good. I allow it to enter my life.

I release all negative feelings that hold me back from being happy and free.

I am entitled to happiness, health and joy into my life.

I forgive the past and embrace myself fully.

I am capable of healing my life.

Love is for all.

I open my heart and rejoice in my being.

Love is who I am.

I listen to my inner voice.

I trust in the integrity of my words.

I am whole and complete.

  Peace, many blessings and Namaste


I will be part of a discussion panel that is being taped and subsequently aired on cable TV this Saturday the 22nd. 
This is my bio that will be read in why I choose nichren Buddhism as my spiritual path. 

n 1987 after my father took a job with the Federal Government. I grew up in a middle class family, both parents being college educated. My father is an immigrant of Sierra Leone, West Africa and was raised in the Muslim faith all of his life, thus me and my 5 other siblings were raised in the faith. My father would later become a pillar of the community and subsequently he became the Imam for the large inclusive Fullah Progressive Union ( Also known as FPU) Any other faith being practiced in our home was not an option, yet I’ve always had questions regarding the faith and how it related to my salvation. I stumbled upon Nichiren’s Buddhism when I was 12 years old, Audrey who has been a lifelong member of the SGI introduced me to this practice in middle school, but because of my upbringing I shied away from it and continue to “quasi” practice Islam until I was about 22 years old.

 I started practicing Nichiren Buddhism in October of 2011, when I knew my marriage was about to end, I remember how refreshed I felt after chanting with Audrey as a child and I immediately sought that out when I knew I was about to encounter a major life event. 

 Buddhism is aligned with the lifestyle I lead, which is heavily based on energy, higher vibrations; basically along the lines of metaphysics. The mystic law proved to me immediately the power that this Buddhism holds and how it’s a practice of results and not merely blind faith. 

One of the Six Articles of Faith in Islam is the  belief of pre-destination, Buddhism totally tears that apart and guarantees that is you chant Nam-Myo-Renge-Kyo you can turn anything around, and turn poison into Medicine. That you aren’t stuck in this endless cycle of sufferings til your last breath. 

 The pushback and common misconceptions I typically get, are that I’m an atheist and that I don’t believe in God, or that I’m practicing witch craft, or that the mere sound of continuously reciting the same phrase over and over is annoying… What keeps me practicing despite all of this is the mere fact that I want to be happy and win at life and Nichiren’s Buddhism is the only faith that can guarantee that. Faith, Practice and Study are the core factors of practicing and as long as I continue to do so, I have no doubt that I will win in this life time.

It is important for you to become strong. For if you are strong, even your sadness will become a source of nourishment, and the things that make you suffer will purify your life.

“Fruit drops from the tree when it’s ready” staying too long or moving too early misses the mark. Trust the divine timing of it all.