As the planet continues to raise its vibration those who chose to stay in a lower vibration will be living in their own version of “hell”.

Once you know what’s “wrong” with the world don’t dwell on it. Don’t give energy to it.
I come from a stock of amazing people, however they are uber negative and it’s an emotional, physical and mental roller coaster that I’m perpetually on.  I literally drive myself nuts trying to make sure things are rectified or “ok” with them and some of my other relationships with people. 

I had a horrific day yesterday, as we deal with my mother being ill again, and my father just knows how to get to me. I realized I’m still afraid of this man. As embarrassing as this is to admit it’s also liberating. He doesn’t respect others but i now understand that my father is suffering greatly and has been my entire life. 

As a “dweller” of the negative. I challenge myself to stop questioning, stop reacting, just stop all together and take care of me.



Low Vibrational Lulls 

There is a practice in martial arts (aikido I believe) when you are being attacked that you side step the attacker and their energy boomerangs back to them.

When you “defend” yourself in a perceived attack you feed and generate more energy in that low vibration. Always better to shift yourself.

With gratitude. 


Mercury retrograde is over and the bitch is back!!! No more playing small, I affirm love, peace, clarity and wholeness. I dispel self-loathing, fear, and apprehension.   


Mercury is retrograde, I’m going inward and embracing this time to course correct and eradicate patterns I want to cease to repeat. 

Be well 

With immense love and gratitude