Just because 



When all else fails always trust your gut, your dreams and intuition shouldn’t be ignored. 

I’m feeling weird about something and I’m choosing to let things play out, uncertain on how to move forward.  

This is hard.

With gratitude. 


The universe NEVER fails me.

Being mindful of my thoughts, deeds, words etc is ever so important as I become more attuned…

If you are being too forceful, rigid, too in the mind, or taking things too seriously, spirit will not feel so welcome in that energy.

I’m overly stressed, with a sick parent,etc. and I’m am still learning of healthy ways to transmuting that energy… I am finding challenges left and right. 

Must stay on track. 

On clearing 

Not all people aren’t meant to stick around in our lives forever.  When we don’t properly clear, issues arise, lessons aren’t learned etc…

The blessing of letting certain relationships go is that you create a space for new people who are a vibrational match to show up.

A huge part of this work is letting go of relationships that are Karmic in nature, clearing soul contracts, and forgiving our past loves, partners, lovers, and those people who have energetically imprinted on our bodies, hearts and souls. This is deep work. Not forgiving and not clearing the energy of old lovers out of your auric field will create blocks and will add much confusion in your relationship with yourself and any new potential love interests. So how do you properly clear this energy? 

You will simply attract the very same energy of the previous relationship that you did not properly clear and end up with the “same” person.

I’ll delve into that a bit later this month! As the is the month of love ❤️

With peace, gratitude, and cheers to letting go.