Clear as day. 

Boundaries are not the same thing as putting walls up. To be clear, boundaries just define who you are.

A boundary might be as simple as a personal preference. I like tea you like coffee.  If I let you manipulate, bully or shame me into drinking coffee, I would have given my power away to you.

With space. Gratitude and peace



No matter how strong you are, you need a community.

All this stuff that’s going on with my family and they’re  seemingly always wanting to make me the scapegoat when things go wrong weighs heavy on my heart and mind…

I now am sincerely choosing to create my own family. I choose to have supportive people in my life that can support and have a reciprocal relationship with me.

With gratitude no matter what. 


For Grandma 

On Friday March 4th, The Creator welcomed a very special angel into heaven: my grandmother or Honey as she was adoringly known as and often referred to as. But to my siblings and I she was simply known as GRANDMA. 

 Grandma was a feisty thin framed beautiful soul that was not only a creator of life but a protector.

After a few months of ups and downs with her health we sadly said goodbye to an amazing woman, who brought joy to so many throughout her 86 years on earth.
A daughter, sister, mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, and devout Christian, my Grandma selflessly gave herself in ways no other woman could..

I’ve had the blessing of knowing her for nearly 33 years. Countless memories fill my heart with happiness, even during this difficult time.
Over the past few days, I’ve thought a lot about my grandmother and the impact she had on my life, and the lives of all those she touched. After some serious reflection, I’ve pared down everything my grandmother has taught me into 3 core lessons that I hope to carry with me throughout the rest of my life, in her honor:
Trust in God. My grandmother was a spiritual person and strong Christian, relying on prayer and her confidence in the Holy Spirit to get her through tough times. While I’m not an extremely religious person in the traditional sense. it is comforting to know that there is a higher power out there, and even more comforting to know that my grandmother is certainly in a better place.


Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff- My Grandma seemingly didn’t let the typical trivial ills of the world get her down, she kept on sweeping, singing, humming and doing her thing while I was growing up with her.


And it’s okay to remain quiet/silence is golden – My grandmother was famously quiet, with her small frame and strong southern accent she either spoke when spoken to or simply when she had something to say which (when I think back to it now) was usually something quite profound. Now my grandma was also famous at yelling at us to “behave” or “sit down” or often warned my siblings and I about the dangers of something bizarre like something so simple as going swimming “cause we’re going to catch a cramp” or something we thought was just odd… all of the euphemism I’m using are likely going to stick with me until I’m no longer here and I am grateful I am able to reflect back and have so many fond memories or my Grandma Honey.

This is an extremely difficult time for me and my family but let’s use today to celebrate her life. Let’s remember all of the lessons she taught us and always use them to be the best that we can be.

Let us strive to be sweet like Honey. May you Rest in power grandma. 

The following quotes are helping me through this difficult time

“Even though I cannot see you, I am certain that your heart is here. If you find

that you miss me, always look at the sun that rises [in the morning] and the moon

that rises in the evening. Whatever the time, I will be reflected in the sun and the

moon. And in our next life, let us meet in the pure land of Eagle Peak. Nam myoho-

renge-kyo. -Nichiren” (The Writings of Nichiren Daishonin –


 With so much peace and gratitude and love to my grandmother. 



On relationships 

Recently came to a realization that relationships are a mirror…
Be responsible for all of your selves at all times in all dimensions.  
Be accountable for your role in any relationship; romantic or platonic.  


Begin again and again…

Revealing your honest feelings is the lesson. It just dawned on me. I held back a lot. How do I open up when I fear rejection? The answer is I shouldn’t, if I accept myself as whole and complete any other time, getting into a relationship shouldn’t negate that progress. 
Lessons help us grow. Thank you for the experience love… You taught me so much in our brief encounter.