Strange Brew

I am an emotion that is making me feel ill and weird.  I moved to Atlanta from DC almost 3 weeks ago and I am experiencing jealousy and this overwhelming sense of insecurity.   It has to go.

There is no one to blame but myself.  I can’t blame my partner, or the relocation, it’s something I have to work through on my own.  I need to raise my vibration.  I need meditation and to show self love.




With gratitude




Insanity is doing the same things over and over expecting different results. When its positive results, by all means keeping doing what you did to create that positive outcome. But when the negative keeps reoccurring thats when its time to reflect and do self inventory to recognize the patterns. You can’t point fingers or blame others for the chaos that arises in your life. You must take responsiblity and check the Source(Self). Vary your mode of action. Do not always act on first impulse. Make the necessary adjustments to destroy any negative thinking and behaviors. Focusing on positive ways of communicating and doing things differently will yield phenomenal results and help to establish, build and maintain healthy and successful relationships with self and others. Everyday should be a day to work on refinement and self impovement. When you know better you do better. Change can be uncomfortable but is necessary to move forward and on to the next level. PEACE❤ 
With love, change, gratitude and peace. 

I cheated on my fears, broke up with my doubts, got engaged to my faith and now I’m marrying my dreams…

My boyfriend told me this evening, that I’m really negativd, complaining too much and I forget the last point.   But the man is fucking right.

I just moved 5 states, left the negativity behind, and walked into a beautiful life with a man I love.   He just lost a lots a and doesn’t need my shit, however he does things that drive me nuts, like constantly being on his cell phone etc… I dunno what’s wrong with me, but I can’t allow myself to be happy ever. It’s so sad. I deserve all of the goodness life is offering me right now! 

With gratitude 



Ok beloved Empaths, highly sensitives, clairsentients, intuitives and others who pick up on others energy and blocks before anyone else in the room does, this ones for you.
The entire paradigm of the way that we are showing up in service to others is changing. I know you are used to people who will talk to you for a long time and use you as a sounding board as a way to process their feelings. This is their pattern because they are often disconnected from their own feelings and used to finding people like you to listen who will transmute their denser energy for them.
At some point you feel guilty because you are unconsciously choosing to feel them energetically but really don’t want to be the one to alchemize their feelings. Even though you have been doing this your whole life this is an old pattern.
It’s time to change this agreement. I’m seeing this shift on quite a large scale. We are working through this on a soul level so that we no longer need to hide from people in order to be ourselves. We as feelers want to be able to show up fully with our gifts.
You can decide to engage in a different way. You can inspire others by modeling what heathy energy exchanges feel like. This is one way that we can help others to expand their awareness. Initially as we were learning this a few months ago we began exercising energetic boundaries and shielding as a way to “protect” our life force from being drained by energy vampirism. However now we are learning that these shields and artificial boundaries are not serving our soul expansion and our intention to be One with all that is. Our own physical body is becoming all the “shield” we need.
We must encourage people to feel their own true feelings. This is not our work to do for them. Be who you are. Say “I really Iike you but I don’t only see the world though logic and thoughts. I feel the world through energy. Can I tell you what I’m sensing” Once you have their permission say, “What I sense from you is some emotional energy in your field that is wanting to be cleared”
If the person is truly respectful of your gifts they will be open learning more from you.

When you go through a hard period and everything seems to oppose you, do not give up. Often this is the place where your course changes.

With gratitude