Getting up 

Never too happy because happy feelings often come from expectations of the future and those don’t always materialize which can lead to an upset. Instead, I enjoy the feeling of being happy about that expectation without being attached to the outcome. Example: someone offers me an opportunity that I’ve really been wanting but details have to be worked through in order to materialize. I’m happy that I manifested the opportunity and not going to be bummed if this particular situation doesn’t workout because I’m in the frequency therefore one of my goals has already materialized!! 

Never too low because winter and scarce times will come because that is part of the cycle of life but you will never find me sitting on the sidelines asking for pity me donations. I don’t need sympathy or for anyone to feel sorry for me. I got this. I’m in fact thankful for this time of stillness because it gives me the opportunity to strategize. Plus, there’s plenty of beauty to be recognized in the low parts of life and that’s nothing to be depressed about. 
This is how I feel I’ve maintained my body temple and have preserved my beauty because through all the transitions of my life, whether rich or poor, I’m always mindful of keeping proper care of myself and making sure my mental health is thriving for I know that is essential to my future and my present. 
I can find nectar in every situation. I can transmute every thing into an opportunity. I’m never defeated. 
Take care of yourselves. It’s rough out there if you don’t have the proper gear and tools. Pouting because things didn’t go your way is a very low frequency to be operating on and when you’re in that space you are degrading. No no no. Get the fuck up!!!

I’m learning and growing, transformation is eminent. Seeking validation is dissipating. I will win! 

With gratitude 

On intuition 

The heart is the sacred temple of our Inner Master.
The Inner Master speaks to us through intuition (feelings, perceptions, hunches). If humans obeyed these intuitions, they would live without problems.When human beings rebel against the voice of their Inner Master, they create problems for themselves.

The Inner Master is “simple;” everything else is complicated.

Samael Aun Weor