Whenever there is imbalance the Universe will always correct the imbalance. This is divine law.

What an amazing year of miracles it has been this year. Lots of beneficial gains and losses, but that is the ebb and flow of the universe.
Will be fasting from social media at this time My vow for this month of fasting is I will do my best to be true to me. Meaning I will do my best to identify the actions, behaviors, beliefs, ideas, that are a match to the core of me and to eternally radiate that forth. My intention is to project a stream of energy from my source into this time space reality. To be a anchor for higher states of consciousness on this earthly plane. 
Anyone who is doing the work you know if you are really doing this week this year has not been easy. But we can chose to see the blessing in it all. No one else is responsible for our joy. And If you can meet me here, in these higher frequencies, we can co create in a way that is unparalleled. 
It is my nature to be life giving. And to be a creator. All divine life, and all precious fruits of it, peace, and holiness, spring from the same one Source. Honoring that space in each of you. 
May all of our prayers, our intentions and good deeds be accepted. May we increase in our light, our mercy, our contentment, our trustworthiness, our grace, our knowledge, our certainty, our patience, our generosity, our inner strength, our sincerity, our practice, and our connection to the Beloved. 

With gratitude✌🏾


One last thing 

 Get out there and live! People will criticize you no matter what, so give them something to criticize. Let them hate from the sidelines while you do your thing.  One life, that’s all we get, live it on your terms – and your terms only (with no explanation needed). 

Have a wonderful day and month friends!!  💟


Who has experienced the curse of being broke? 🙋🏽…Some think it’s a generational curse, some don’t know why they aren’t living in financial abundance. There could be several reasons why. So check it out…you may not think you deserve money, you may have always been taught that money is the root of evil 🙄 (throw that idea in the damn garbage please), you may think that there are a few certain people that are just meant to have money, you have guilt about your desire to be financially wealthy, or you feel money won’t bring happiness…😳 
All of these ideals are self limiting and you need to rebuke them in the name of Jesus, Allah, Ghandi, Mother Teresa, or whomver’s name comes to mind! (LOL). These are devilish functions planting a tapeworm in your brain! Train your subconscious mind and recondition your thoughts about money. EVERYONE deserves prosperity, and it’s these self limiting thoughts that keep some of us broke. 
Repeat today’s affirmation several times today: “Money is my friend and our friendship will never fall apart.” 💰💰💰💵💵💵


Been meaning to get this off my chest for a while…

Have you ever wondered why you keep attracting poo? Why do people keep entering your life just to disappoint and hurt you? You could be doing just fine and here comes a “friend” or a potential mate who seems like such a wonderful addition to your life and they end up putting you on a monkey shit rollocoaster. 

Well, I encourage you to examine yourself. I totally believe thoughts become things. Stop thinking about what you DON’T want to see in the people in your lives. Focus on what you want to see. And more important…work on yourself. Exhibit the qualities you want to attract. Most difficult tasks ever. I’M working on it immensely…You should too. 
Repeat Today’s affirmation several times. It’s The beginning of the week… a perfect day to start fresh:

“I will become the change I would like to see in others.”

With gratitude, fortitude and grace. 


Sometimes you attract people who are in a low vibration because that’s where you are. Others times it’s because you have the ability to uplift them. No one is entitled to your energy however. The intention to be in service requires learning to discern when you are being depleted and taking space, with grace.


I’ve squandered away moments Without really realizing just how priceless they were

Until I couldn’t receive the same value for the memory

I interject my thoughts with “why didn’t I”

Which is a dangerous interjection

Because it implies that something should have been done differently

But no

I clumsily poke around the past

Feeling for some reassurance

That every action was exactly as it was supposed to be

And whatever twinge I’m experiencing in my chest is just heartburn….

and not the sting of regret

I Light a candle

And it goes away


I will never be able to seize unmined gold from ghost realms

Really what I’m trying to say

Is make the most of your NOW

With Gratitude.


That time again…

Oh!! This you should know.

Yesterday was the first day we entered into the shadow phase of Mercury Retrograde!!

Explains everything right?

So when the parasites start acting up and your friends and family and even your realest self starts looking like a stranger, you know part of the reason why 🙂
Lace up, it’s go time. Let’s rock this cycle!!

With the upmost patience and gratitude!!