Monday Musings

Never judge anyone’s clothing,

It may be all they have.

Never judge what someone is eating,

It may be all they have.

Never judge someone else’s occupation,

It may be all they have.
Be careful of how you treat everyone 

You don’t know how close people are to their breaking points

Your insensitivity could be the reason someone no longer sees the value in themselves.

Words can end lives.

Don’t judge…

The saying “words can never hurt me me is a lie. 

Be mindful.

With grace and understanding. 


We have all been there before Drooling over someone else’s experiences 

Big eyed over someone else’s accomplishments 

Seeing someone else do exceedingly well

Can be an incredibly effective method of motivation 


Cause undue feelings of extreme resentment 
Choose wisely 
As this moment can spiral one of two ways 
1.You take this new found energy and you apply it to your own life, goals, dreams and endeavours. Thus rocking the shit out of your own world and reaping the successes of dedicating more energy, time and valuable manifesting thought, inwards 
2. Further feel like shit about yourself, comparing the unique and wonderful you, to someone you’re not supposed to be remotely like at all. Thus getting nowhere and still not accomplishing your own goals, all while feeling that much worse about your existence.

With gratitude…

Inside out.

Things will often fall apart 
Like destruction 


Life flips you upside down on your head and shakes you…. 

All in order to put things back together perfectly 

With a greater outcome 

And closer to the bigger picture 

My last few months I have been turned on my head and shaken, but it’s coming back together now.
I can finally see it happening… 

With gratitude.



Releasing what no longer serves you is so powerful . When you hold on to something, a situtation, or person that no longer resonates with your present…you are seriously preventing blessings coming into your life. Blessings are waiting at your door but that aspect of your life is full of other bs and unwanted emotions . So its NO ROOM!Let It go! 
I’m only preaching this right now because I just had another awakening going through some bull. But hey, a level up in my consciousness and guess who’s vibrating a little higher ? 
This chick!! 

With ease and flow…

Align thyself 

Do things that align you with your true core
The activities and thoughts of your life 

Determine your Alignment with the universe and your path 
If your actions align with your path 

You experience less resistance and more doors open along the way 
If you simply don’t want stress, avoid behaviors, people and activities that cause stress