To evolve and grow and fulfill your souls desires … You must step outside your comfort zone … Because nothing else will grow but weeds. 
When you finally take that first step towards what you deserve and desire, you don’t run back to safety when things get a little rattled and uncomfortable . 

The road to pure happiness is never a smooth one . 

Peace and gratitude


Form Follows Function 

Worrying about the next days Or what’s to come Will only make things worse.

You can’t think clearly or problem solve, when you’ve already hyped up a situation in your own mind 

Just BE 

Think peace 

Think protection 

Think safety 
Remember that form follows function

With gratitude…

Fitting in…

This is a message for myself. Reflection and speaking solely to myself; this is something I’ve struggled with for a while now.It clicked today. 
Everyone isn’t going to vibe with us 

With what we do

What we think 

What we create 

How we feel… 
No one is obligated to agree with you or even support us 
But the root of the issue

Is why are we expecting this journey, OUR journey, YOUR journey, to be like anyone else’s
What is causing you frustration? 

Why is it that you feel you need approval? 
Those who vibe and resonate with us, are people that reflect where we are or going 
Stop trying to force people to accept you when you’re on completely different wavelengths and THAT’S OKAY
Not a negative thing at all 

We can’t all swim in the same stream 
Breath easy

Be well and with immense gratitude.