Don’t spend a second of your life on something you don’t want to do 
Don’t spend a second of your life entertaining energy you don’t wish to entertain.
Don’t spend a second of your life explaining yourself when there is nothing to be explained. 
You don’t get any of that time back
With gratitude. 



Three simple steps to happiness 🔮🔮🔮

1. Realize that putting yourself first and prioritizing your own existence is NOT selfish. 🍵🐸
2. You gotta tell people and situations that don’t support your greater causes and higher good to get to stepping and see the nearest exit. ✂✌✂ 
3. LIVE FROM YOUR GUT AND HEART. Gut feelings get ignored. We turn down our intuition and dishonor our natural ability to discern what’s truly best for us as individuals. (I learned this recently the hard way) When you get the message from the pit of your soul and the core of your heart. YOU BETTER LISTEN AND ACT ON IT. 
With gratitude 


Everybody is a critic. 

Waiting or searching for errors and flaws 

So the last thing you need is to be hyper critical of yourself 
Someone’s gotta be on your side

Why not allow that person to be YOU
With gratitude and self love. ❤️