The Sunflower doesn’t make a Daisy any less beautiful 

For their beauty is not comparable  
Nor is yours to anyone else’s 
Whether you are an orchid, a daffodil, a lily or a rose… 
We all exist in the same garden. 

And we are all wonderfully made 💖☉🌱🌹🌻
With grace and gratitude 



Good Vibrations…

I struggle with feelings of jealousy and feelings of inadequacy, this grieving process is confusing the heck out of me.  I’m angry, sad, anxious, at peace etc. all within a five minute span.

I got off the two dating sites that I was on, and even though it made me feel good talking to various men, I also felt depleted sad and not feeling particularly attractive.

I just lost my mother so it’s to be expected but I just want to be embraced and in love and have help during this difficult time in my life.

I’ve been doing the “work” so to speak and perhaps there’s more to be done.  I don’t even know these days.  I will continue to love myself and spread that love the best way I can until it returns to me.

I’m in a low spot energetically at this time.  Time to raise that vibration.

 With ease, patience and love for thyself.