People change when they want to. Sometimes they may need that bridge to be burned to learn, but unfortunately for people like me… the burning of that bridge will illuminate an entirely different path that no longer includes them in it; that’s whether they changed or not.
With gratitude


A Mothers Love…

My mother comes to me often, at least a few times a month since her passing on New Years Day.  +She’s about my current age (34ish) healthy, bright and vibrant.  My mother is at peace especially since she suffered a lot in her earthly vessel.  I miss her beyond measure, but as her eldest, she always said no matter what she would always be with me.  My mother died with me only being there and she was so afraid to go, she didn’t want to leave us behind, but with her latest visit she told me that “truly time is an illusion” and that she’s quite surprised that the afterlife that we are indoctrinated with is not what we think.  She came to me and I literally thought she was actually with me, she had on her signature scent and she sat on my bed and just talked and talked, she mentioned that I was one of the few that would listen to her.  It felt like hours and she repeated to me the very thing she told me the day we buried her and that was “she will continue to show me who my real friends are.”  I asked her why is that her primary focus and she said because you’ve always been too trusting.  I couldn’t protect you in the flesh but it’s imperative that you listen to me now.   She said goodbye and waved and disappeared.

This sounds far fetched, but as a small child these kind of things occurred so often my mother and father couldn’t deny it.  Sometimes I don’t believe it myself.


With immense love and light and reverence to the process.