Happiness is NOT a warm gun…

Happiness is a warm gun is one of the few Beatles tunes I can tolerate and I often sang it with the slight twinge of curiosity of what that would be like ( just saying…) 

Excuse my overuse of elipisis by the way. 😂

Happiness is an inside job… seriously…I’ve gone through some traumatic things in my life and it took me a long time to realize… no one has the key to your happiness Honestly… I wouldn’t change those things… they’ve made me stronger… clearer… more in tune with my intuition… I’m thankful for all the growth I’ve experienced… it took me a long time to realize … I’m whole within myself… the past few years have been widely expansive when it comes down to learning myself… as a human in this dimension… Thank you for riding with me… 😘 
With gratitude and growth. 



Be careful…

Not to project and perpetuate the same cycles and behaviors that you have a problem with. 
Be gentle with yourself. 

With gratitude. 


P.S this is my 200th post!! Whoo Hoo 😉

On dad’s day…

Do people post mother’s day greetings with qualifying statements? Don’t get me wrong – if you are very close to me, you know the delicate and adversarial relationship I have with my own dad; I’m all about celebrating the act of motherhood and I’m very clear that moms put in a lot of work in gestation that fathers cannot imagine let alone do. But I’m seeing quite a bit of “to those men who hold it down” or “to the real dad’s out there” and I’m trying to think back to a month ago if people openly put stipulations on celebrating mommas or thanked only the ones who didn’t do ignant shit to their kids. Now that I think about it, the gates be open to “every woman is a mother” even if they have not biologically carried a child while biological fathers are getting invalidated (and women getting saluted as the momma and the daddy on fathers day bit that’s a whole nother issue).


Sticks and Stones may break your bones


Words can actually kill people 
What may be just a joke or laughing matter to you 
Could be the final straw that literally pushes someone over the edge 
You don’t know what people are experiencing 
There is enough wrong with the world already

Do we really need to gossip about one another

Must we make fun of what someone is wearing 

NO ONE deserves to be picked on or bullied 
One word could take someone from depression to suicidal 
Is your ignorance worth another person’s life?!
Keep that in mind the next time you find yourself “just joking” abouts someone’s situation, someone’s appearance, someone’s finances. 
It could very well be you

So Sunday was my 34th birthday and it made me think of a few things because sometimes I have all of nothing thinking, which can be extremely problematic. 

I’m in California for vacation. Thought I’d share this pic too. With gratitude.


Note To Self: 
1. Remember all those times you thought you wouldn’t be okay, but you ended up being just fine….
2. The only person you have to prove anything to…. is YOU 
3. Nothing in life is permanent, so the “not so nice things” really are just TEMPORARY 
4. Sometimes the “not so nice things” are blessings in disguise. Bringing you closer to where you need to be or further from where you don’t….
5. Resisting neccesary changes only tends to make situations more difficult. Just remember #1👆

Off the cuff 

Death. The end of life. The one other thing we all have in common.

Everyone will die.

But how you view your death is what I want to talk about.

Death is feared, and the fear of death is the fear they use against us. We fear a terrorist bombing us, or some enemy beheading us. Or some nuke going off. Maybe its a fear of being murdered by a cop as we see on TV. In fact it could be any form of death we fear because we are generally taught to fear death. Moms will unwittingly instill fear into a child by telling scary stories about the woods, or strangers, or cars hitting them. Wives tales have been used for centuries to keep younger kids at home and from wandering off.

But we grow up. Realize there is no boogyman. Learn the streets and people so we are safer. But still, we were taught fear. We now have “adult” boogyman stories.

But think about this. If you just lived every moment of your life living, would death matter? Knowing you’re going to die anyway and being real about it gives you the upper hand over death. Death is death and we cant stop it, but fear is ANTI LIFE, and steals your living time. Because one fearful thought that causes you to stay at home, or not enjoy life, has in fact stolen your life. Like if you think a snake will kill you then you will always be looking for the snake and not the beauty the snake lives in. If you fear a bomb will go off in public and kill you then you will never go out and be dead spiritually in your own home.

Get it now?

Fear is a disease and living is the cure. Just live every second as if its your last and when death does come you can laugh in its face and dance into the afterlife.

This time we have on earth is very short. We can be killed or murdered at any time. And instead of fearing this we should be using this truth to LIVE MORE FULLER LIVES. Instead of sitting in a corner fearing death we should be living.

Fear is anti life. Know this truth and you will taste life again as you did before you were taught you would die. Live like a child…..yes.

Try it.

Because life is so short that even one second not enjoying it is to much to give up.




With fearlessness