On dad’s day…

Do people post mother’s day greetings with qualifying statements? Don’t get me wrong – if you are very close to me, you know the delicate and adversarial relationship I have with my own dad; I’m all about celebrating the act of motherhood and I’m very clear that moms put in a lot of work in gestation that fathers cannot imagine let alone do. But I’m seeing quite a bit of “to those men who hold it down” or “to the real dad’s out there” and I’m trying to think back to a month ago if people openly put stipulations on celebrating mommas or thanked only the ones who didn’t do ignant shit to their kids. Now that I think about it, the gates be open to “every woman is a mother” even if they have not biologically carried a child while biological fathers are getting invalidated (and women getting saluted as the momma and the daddy on fathers day bit that’s a whole nother issue).


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