Word of the day…

Word of the day: PRECEDENT 
The precedent is set that a black person has no rights that need to be respected by a white cop. Or any cop for that matter. A cop killing an unarmed black person in cold blood and escaping even a wrist slap is akin to being the proverbial immovable object. The immovable object is now about to meet the unstoppable force in the form of abject racism, xenophobia and of course a large dose of white supremacy.  
Which pillar of white supremacy will give way? Will it be the precedent that cops can kill at will and get away with it? If that precedent is to stand than that means a black Muslim from Somalia gets to get away with killing a blonde haired blue eyed white woman and that’s an anathema to everything white supremacy is supposed to be about. 
In a strange sort of perverse way the unfortunate killing of that innocent unarmed White woman by the cowardly Muslim black man might be just what the Black Lives Matter movement needs to break the monotony.

With a heavy exasperated sigh…



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