I have had some horrible people enter into my life. Even family members. Some disguised as friends. But I still have really great people who love and support me….and I’m grateful. I always talk about gratitude and how important it is to me. But sometimes it’s hard to remember what you have when you lose so much. Having awesome friends gives me the strength to focus on what I have. It’s been very difficult redirecting my thoughts lately, but it becomes easier the stronger my ability to let go of toxic relationships. Let them go. Doesn’t matter who they are. Dead their ass mentally. Forgive em….but they are fired. With no severance. You owe people who hurt you nothing. 
With that being said, my days, once again, will start with some kind of positive affirmation. 

“I give myself permission to heal, I forgive those who have hurt me in the past, and move forward with a positive attitude.”
With gratitude 




Can’t show me love publicly
Because of how you speak about me privately

Can’t openly support me

Because someone in your crew or you is filled with fear and envy

Just remember when I make it, don’t be salty

Because, I make sure everyone I care for eats

And the one the one you sidestep me for Couldn’t give a damn if you’re hungry.