On Karma and Mom

We pick our parents. Yes, we really do. And by now you may be thinking: “Surely I will choose better next time.” Or you may be thinking, “I chose well.” We choose our parents based on our karmic paths, lessons to be learned, and resonance. Oftentimes we reincarnate within the same family group and but play different roles in each lifetime. However, at the center of it all is “mom”. Literally, without mom, none of us would have been born.

What do moms offer us? They offer us a myriad of learning opportunities. And it starts before we are even born. Moms offer us a lot of karmic opportunities. In another post I’ll go into  the karmic implications of “Please” and “Thank you”. These three little words carry a lot of karmic weight- if you use them or not! In most cases, it is the mom who teaches us these basic manners, social graces. If mom does not teach us these things, we are then offered a set of different lessons. It is not good or bad, it simply is. It is simply an opportunity for us on our karmic paths.

Karma wants to know if we have learned the lesson. Karma will also test us when we least expect it to see if we really, truly have learned the lesson. A good example of this is the classic bully situation. Many times, a bully can be a family member. If a family member is bullying another person, the mom has an opportunity to stand up and say no. This will change her karmic path and the path of those around her. If she does not stand up, then an opportunity arises for another person to do so. Either way, karma is offers us learning opportunities.

With Learning and Lots of Love.



A Mothers Love…

My mother comes to me often, at least a few times a month since her passing on New Years Day.  +She’s about my current age (34ish) healthy, bright and vibrant.  My mother is at peace especially since she suffered a lot in her earthly vessel.  I miss her beyond measure, but as her eldest, she always said no matter what she would always be with me.  My mother died with me only being there and she was so afraid to go, she didn’t want to leave us behind, but with her latest visit she told me that “truly time is an illusion” and that she’s quite surprised that the afterlife that we are indoctrinated with is not what we think.  She came to me and I literally thought she was actually with me, she had on her signature scent and she sat on my bed and just talked and talked, she mentioned that I was one of the few that would listen to her.  It felt like hours and she repeated to me the very thing she told me the day we buried her and that was “she will continue to show me who my real friends are.”  I asked her why is that her primary focus and she said because you’ve always been too trusting.  I couldn’t protect you in the flesh but it’s imperative that you listen to me now.   She said goodbye and waved and disappeared.

This sounds far fetched, but as a small child these kind of things occurred so often my mother and father couldn’t deny it.  Sometimes I don’t believe it myself.


With immense love and light and reverence to the process.




Releasing what no longer serves you is so powerful . When you hold on to something, a situtation, or person that no longer resonates with your present…you are seriously preventing blessings coming into your life. Blessings are waiting at your door but that aspect of your life is full of other bs and unwanted emotions . So its NO ROOM!Let It go! 
I’m only preaching this right now because I just had another awakening going through some bull. But hey, a level up in my consciousness and guess who’s vibrating a little higher ? 
This chick!! 

With ease and flow…

That time again…

Oh!! This you should know.

Yesterday was the first day we entered into the shadow phase of Mercury Retrograde!!

Explains everything right?

So when the parasites start acting up and your friends and family and even your realest self starts looking like a stranger, you know part of the reason why 🙂
Lace up, it’s go time. Let’s rock this cycle!!

With the upmost patience and gratitude!!


On intuition 

The heart is the sacred temple of our Inner Master.
The Inner Master speaks to us through intuition (feelings, perceptions, hunches). If humans obeyed these intuitions, they would live without problems.When human beings rebel against the voice of their Inner Master, they create problems for themselves.

The Inner Master is “simple;” everything else is complicated.

Samael Aun Weor


Ok beloved Empaths, highly sensitives, clairsentients, intuitives and others who pick up on others energy and blocks before anyone else in the room does, this ones for you.
The entire paradigm of the way that we are showing up in service to others is changing. I know you are used to people who will talk to you for a long time and use you as a sounding board as a way to process their feelings. This is their pattern because they are often disconnected from their own feelings and used to finding people like you to listen who will transmute their denser energy for them.
At some point you feel guilty because you are unconsciously choosing to feel them energetically but really don’t want to be the one to alchemize their feelings. Even though you have been doing this your whole life this is an old pattern.
It’s time to change this agreement. I’m seeing this shift on quite a large scale. We are working through this on a soul level so that we no longer need to hide from people in order to be ourselves. We as feelers want to be able to show up fully with our gifts.
You can decide to engage in a different way. You can inspire others by modeling what heathy energy exchanges feel like. This is one way that we can help others to expand their awareness. Initially as we were learning this a few months ago we began exercising energetic boundaries and shielding as a way to “protect” our life force from being drained by energy vampirism. However now we are learning that these shields and artificial boundaries are not serving our soul expansion and our intention to be One with all that is. Our own physical body is becoming all the “shield” we need.
We must encourage people to feel their own true feelings. This is not our work to do for them. Be who you are. Say “I really Iike you but I don’t only see the world though logic and thoughts. I feel the world through energy. Can I tell you what I’m sensing” Once you have their permission say, “What I sense from you is some emotional energy in your field that is wanting to be cleared”
If the person is truly respectful of your gifts they will be open learning more from you.

Low Vibrational Lulls 

There is a practice in martial arts (aikido I believe) when you are being attacked that you side step the attacker and their energy boomerangs back to them.

When you “defend” yourself in a perceived attack you feed and generate more energy in that low vibration. Always better to shift yourself.

With gratitude. 


Nothing outside of you is “making” you feel anything.

Honestly one of the hardest concepts to learn to and make peace with in my experience.

It’s such a common misconception to believe that someone else is “making” you upset, sad, angry or even happy. No one can impose a frequency on you without your permission. It is that they are triggering emotions that already exist within you. Often when negative emotions are being triggered it is because they want to be released. The reason that it doesn’t feel good is because these triggers take you out of the present moment.

Once I mastered this thought process ( and I still struggle with this notion at times) it made my life a lot more peaceful and I had a better opportunity to build myself esteem.

It’s important to take responsibility for yourself.

With peace, love and gratitude.


Loving yourself might means saying no to opportunities that don’t feel quite right and trusting that something better will come to you.

Most of us are conditioned to settle into a vibration that is far below happiness and joy.  They resonate with apathy complacency and mediocrity.  Anytime we step beyond our pre-conditioned happiness threshold, the ego quickly triggers our self-sabotage programming.  Telling us something is too good to be true or that we are not enough to deserve such joy.

Give yourself permission to practice self-love and focus on your well being.  All things I strive, practice, fail at, win at, and work so hard to achieve on a daily basis.

When you come from an environment such as myself where self-love was seen as arrogance, and shunned upon you end up growing up an incomplete adult.

I am here to tell you that this thinking is dangerous, problematic and of course self-loathing.

Life isn’t a dress rehearsal, love yourself for no one will love you the way you truly deserve to be loved except when you do it for yourself.


With Love, Peace and Gratitude.


Rather than focus on who is riding the same wavelength or channeling the same energies as you focus on your own unique signature expression.