2016 kicked my arse…

Right now is time for the petty post. Let’s talk about things to leave in 2016. Matter fact, let’s throw these things away TODAY. The dog ears and the head thingy snapchat filters….hate these shits. The going live on Facebook….and you ain’t saying SHIT….just looking in the camera twirling weave or making duck lips…..trash this ūüĆĹūüŹÄ shit man. 
The giving your “haters” so much attention. Who’s hating? Why do you care? How do your haters motivate you? Shouldn’t the people who love and support you motivate you? FOH with this man lol…quit posting porn, fights, and other violence on social media. 
Quit poking folks on Facebook. Shit is stupid. Makes no sense. Stop making posts about being bored. Boring people get bored. Read a book. Find a new hobby. Stop misspelling words in your posts and misusing your homonyms, homophones, and homographs (grade school English….look it up. ( I’m very guilty of this mainly because Im thinking too hard and miss entire words oh well- let’s all do better) 

The web has a plethora of valuable information besides Rob and Chyna’s relationship). And do research before you say stuff and really have no idea what you’re talking about. We are all guilty of doing the latter. Don’t believe everything you hear. Especially from media outlets. Make an effort to think critically and process information given to you prior to believing it. And make an effort to stay positive as well has embracing that shadow self. Without the darkness there can be no light; vice versa. Do not let this world poison your heart. People have sucked in 2016. Immensely. They will continue to suck until the end of time. Stay true to yourself…unless you’re an asshole. Don’t stay true to that shit. Change. Literally…become a different person. Drink bleach and cleanse yourself. 

Happy Hanukkah, a festive Kwanzaa, Merry Xmas, and Happy New Year. 
That wasn’t really so petty after all….ūüėŹ



Insanity is doing the same things over and over expecting different results. When its positive results, by all means keeping doing what you did to create that positive outcome. But when the negative keeps reoccurring thats when its time to reflect and do self inventory to recognize the patterns. You can’t point fingers or blame others for the chaos that arises in your life. You must take responsiblity and check the Source(Self). Vary your mode of action. Do not always act on first impulse. Make the necessary adjustments to destroy any negative thinking and behaviors. Focusing on positive ways of communicating and doing things differently will yield phenomenal results and help to establish, build and maintain healthy and successful relationships with self and others. Everyday should be a day to work on refinement and self impovement. When you know better you do better. Change can be uncomfortable but is necessary to move forward and on to the next level. PEACE‚̧ 
With love, change, gratitude and peace. 

When you go through a hard period and everything seems to oppose you, do not give up. Often this is the place where your course changes.

With gratitude 


Hello, we meet again…¬†

It’s been a hell of a 32 days away, I am preparing to move, and with the retrogrades I took a social media break.  But during this time I witnessed miraculous things occur when I didn’t try to control everything. So thank you.

No need for plans when you are in the flow. The sweet life comes to you…

With Abundance, grace and gratitude. 

I’ve been too busy to write these days, but as five planets in retrograde as we speak.  It’s time for my break.  Be well. Be light. Peace 


When love is pure the light of creator 
will surround you and your beloved in a sacred bubble of pure joy. There will be no need for an agenda, no need to force anything, no games, no drama and no desire to control. This is a Divine Union. Your fears will all melt away and your heart will be purified of all past versions of love that left much to be desired. When love is pure it just is. True love shows up for you through resonance when you have learned to love yourself so fully that you remember you are that love. You unite all aspects of yourself and become whole, holy, integrated, embodied and you emanate that from within. And when that happens there will be nothing left to question.

With so much peace, gratitude and of course love…

On and On 

Tomorrow I would have been married for 10 years.

I can’t believe I’m still mourning the end of that.  It’s not as if I’m still in love with him, but more so the loss of comrade, a best friend that I had access to at my disposal.

We are the best of friends and I’m happy he’s happy with his partner, but I long for and seek a connection from someone that won’t be ever able to replicate what my ex was to me. Its unrealistic

It served it’s purpose. Thank you.

With gratitude and love.